gregarius ad lignum putridum in silvis

Research interests

Databases, biodiversity informatics

Metabarcoding, molecular identification, molecular taxonomy, eDNA

Dead wood, species interactions and successions, entomology, mycology, molecular and community ecology

Fungivory of Coleoptera, host selection, trophic and chemical ecology, ecology of insects and fungi, interaction webs.

Nature conservation, boreal, temperate, and montane ecosystems.

As a wood ecologist studying beetles and wood-decaying fungi, I received MSc and CSc (∼PhD) in entomology at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, supervised by Prof. R.D. Zhantiev, and my second PhD in plant biology (mycology) at the University of Helsinki in 2009 with Dr. Tuomo Niemelä. My doctoral studies of fungus–beetle interactions in the LUOMUS – Finnish Museum of Natural History contributed to the PUTTE research programme for deficiently known and threatened forest species. In 2009, I joined Prof. Otso Ovaskainen and Prof. Ilkka Hanski in the Metapopulation Research Centre to explore mycelial interactions of wood-decaying fungi in fallen and living trees. Work with species interaction and taxonomic databases brought me to TDWG and to GBIF, where I work as a Scientific officer since 2014.

My current work focuses on global biodiversity data and scientific users in GBIF. In research, three major study lines are beetle fungivory, disclosing biodiversity in dead wood with metabarcoding, and international programmes in higher education. Three smaller work lines are mycology, conservation, and outreach — see Projects for more details on my research, teaching, collaborations, students, and funding, and see Map for expeditions. I have authored and co-authored over 70 publications, including 40+ papers in the international peer-reviewed journals as well as 3 books, some species inventory reports, and scientific illustrations, and contributed to 70 book translations in natural history.

Work & study

2014 Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), Secretariat
2008 Metapopulation Research Group, University of Helsinki
2002 LUOMUS – Finnish Museum of Natural History, University of Helsinki
1995 Department of Entomology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
1993 Moscow State 57 School
1985 Moscow School 1234

Degrees & titles

2014 Associate professor / Docent of Mycology, University of Helsinki
2009 PhD in Plant Biology, University of Helsinki
2003 CSc in Entomology, Lomonosov Moscow State University
2000 MSc in Zoology, Lomonosov Moscow State University

Positions of trust

GBIF Scientific officer
GBIF delegate to the XXIII Subsidiary Body on Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA), Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD)
Work package leader, EU HORIZON Biodiversity Digital Twin (BioDT)
Science advisory board member, European Nucleotide Archive
Advisory board member, EU HORIZON MAMBO: Modern Approaches to the Monitoring of Biodiversity
Principal investigator of the Academy of Finland Postdoctoral project

Academic awards

2023 Founders’ Award, European Mycological Association
2021 Most active editor, Biodiversity Data Journal: Pensoft 
(in a committee) Best New Conference or Event, Association of Association Executives
2018 (in a team) #Top20Article Biological Revews, Wiley
(in a team) National award: science publication, Ministry of Culture and Education, Finland
2016 (in a team) Nature book of the year, Metsän salainen elämä, WWF Finland
2013 Excellence in Reviewing – Fungal Ecology: British Mycological Society & Elsevier
1998 Excellent performance “Polypore beetles of Moscow Region”, IFAW Russia


Biodiversity Data Journal
Metagenomics & Metabarcoding
Earth System Science Data
Coleoptera Poloniae
GBIF reports on data fitness for use
GBIF Documentation Editorial Panel


Annales Botanici Fennici
Biodiversity and Conservation
Biodiversity Data Journal
Biodiversity Information Science and Standards
Biological Reviews
Diversity and Distributions
Ecological Informatics
Fungal Ecology
Insect Conservation and Diversity
La Terre et la Vie
Nature Communications
Peerage of Science
Studia forestalia Slovenica
Systematic Biology

Scientific consultancy

Cinétévé / Arte, international documentary TV series “Of trees and forests, the invisible world”
LESFILM Wildlife film studio, documentary project on Northern taiga


biodiversity_next2019NetherlandsProgram committee
XVIII Congress of European Mycologists2019PolandProgram committee
GBIC2: II Global Biodiversity Informatics Conference2018DenmarkSession
Information Technologies in the Research of Biodiversity; conference2018RussiaProgram committee, Session
XVII Congress of European Mycologists2011GreeceSession


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