Ad lignum arborum coniferarum in aedificiis

Recorded presentations


Shaping community norms: GBIF experience in DNA derived data, talk at the 3rd Estonian Taxonomy Day: Biodiversity Digital Services, 14 May 2022 (from 3:00:20)


Webinar: Data papers describing datasets on vectors of human diseases, 2022 (with Scott Edmunds, GigaScience)
Russia 2021: data papers, webinar (in Russian, with Lyubomir Penev and Maxim Shashkov)
Mapping and Publishing Sequence-Derived Data through Biodiversity Data Platforms. TDWG 2020 presentation.
GBIF: global impact and scientific perspectives. Plenary talk at the III сonference Information Technologies in Biodiversity Research, Ekaterinburg, Russia, 05–10 October, 2020 (In Russian)
Update on the forthcoming GBIF guide to publishing sequence-based biodiversity data. GBIF community webinar: June 2020 (from 4:50)
Questions and answers on publishing data papers in Biodiversity Data Journal (in Russian, with Lyubomir Penev)
Shining a light on ‘dark taxa’: GBIF Governing Board 25 – Ireland, October 2018
Портал GBIF.ORG: принципы работы, публикация данных, новости – Russia, Oct 2016
Shining a light on Open biodiversity information: international perspectives: Suomen Lajitietokeskus Finland, May 2015

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