Know your speakers: Nick Porch at the Dead Wood Meeting 2021

I would like to make a series of introduction posts to welcome our keynote speakers at the Dead Wood Meeting 2021

Nick Porch

Nick Porch is Senior Lecturer in Environmental Earth Sciences in the School of Life and Environmental Science at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. He uses the recent fossil record to explore how humans impact island ecosystems, primarily in Polynesia (Pacific) and the Mascarenes (Indian Ocean), and works on modern Australian beetles. He is a keen amateur macro-photographer, photographing many Australian species that have never previously been photographer, focusing, especially, on smaller and browner taxa that few people notice. In the Dead Wood Meeting on 27th October he will talk about both these interests. First, he will explore the resilience of dead wood beetles in the face of human colonization of oceanic islands, using examples from Hawaii, SE. Polynesia and Mauritius; this story is not a happy one. Second, he will talk about macrophotography of dead wood fauna, illustrated with his own images of Australian and oceanic island taxa. As @invertophiles, Nick frequently communicates about these issues through Twitter.

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