Know your speakers: Talya Hackett at the Dead Wood Meeting 2021

I would like to make a series of introduction posts to welcome our keynote speakers at the Dead Wood Meeting 2021

Talya Hackett

Dr Talya Hackett is currently working at the University of Oxford as part of the Target Malaria research consortium coordinating research on the ecological consequences of supressing populations of the key malaria-transmitting mosquito, Anopheles gambiae. She is a community ecologist using empirical ecological network analysis to answer applied questions about how species interactions are structured across the landscape and how perturbations spread between habitats and guilds. Her keynote on 29 October 2021 will focus on ecological networks and how interaction data can be used to answer a range of exciting ecological questions. She will cover data collection, visualization and some of the metrics used to describe a community, as well as the power of network analysis as a predictive tool. Learn more about Talya through her university webpage and follow Talya @Landscape_Webs in Twitter

It is still possible to register for e-attendance of the Dead Wood Meeting 2021, but call for presentations and workshops is now closed.