Ad lignum putridum in terra immersum

My LinkedIn profile is more or less up to date; I confirm actual real-life contacts. I am happy to discuss possible collaboration projects — for work-related contacts, I prefer e-mail communication, see Contact.


My colleagues in the GBIF network can be found in the GBIF directory of contacts, and colleagues in LUOMUS and the rest of University of Helsinki through the info page.

Academic guidance

NameYearDegreeUniversityMy role
Elina PeuhucurrentPhD studentUniversity of Helsinkimember of thesis advisory committee
Mervi LaaksonencurrentPhD studentUniversity of Helsinkimember of thesis advisory committee
Virve Viertiö2018MScUniversity of Helsinkisupervisor
Nora Escribano Compains2018PhDUniversity of Navarramember of tribunal
Ricardo Pires2018PhD studentInstituto de Botânica, Brazilacademic host
Veera Tuovinen2017PhDSwedish University of Agricultural Sciencesmember of evaluation committee
Maria Faticov2015MScUniversity of Helsinkico-supervisor, with Gunilla Ståhls-Mäkelä
Kimmie M. Jensen2015BScUniversity of Copenhagenconsultant
Ilya Viner2014CSc student, CIMO traineeUniversity of Helsinkiacademic host
Tatyana Semenova2012CSc, CIMO traineeUniversity of Helsinkiacademic host
Olga Kochetova2006MScMoscow State Universityco-supervisor, with Viktor Zotov


MSU Lomonosov Mentors Club
North European Forest Mycologists Network
British Mycological Society
International Society for Fungal Conservation
Societas pro Fauna et Flora Fennica
Nordic Saproxylic Network
European Mycological Association


Alphabetic list of various links

ForBio – Research School in Biosystematics – Global Biodiversity Information Facility
LUOMUS – Finnish Museum of Natural History – Finnish Biodiversity Info Facility
Lynne Boddy lab in the Cardiff University
MRC – Metapopulation Research Centre
TDWG – Biodiversity Information Standards



I am grateful to my mentors Tuomo Niemelä (LUOMUS, University of Helsinki),  Rustem D. Zhantiev (Biological Faculty, Moscow State University), Evgeny A. Dunaev, Nikolay B. Nikitsky (Zoological Museum, Moscow State University), Andrey A. Prokudin (Moscow State 57 School), Otso Ovaskainen, and Illka Hanski (University of Helsinki) for their inspirational guidance.

Field work

Thanks to all who shared field work time with me: Ali-Kovero Heini, Budaeva Nataliya, Dai Yu-Cheng, Davydova Aleksandra, Davydov Ivan, Dunaev Evgeniy, Faticov Maria, Forsblom Viia, Gendreau Christian, Hanski Ilkka, Kinnunen Juha, Kulichkin Pavel, Kochetova Olga, Manninen Olli, Meyke Evgeniy, Niemelä Tuomo, Nokso-Koivisto Jussi, Norberg Anna, Norros Veera, Oivanen Pekka, Ottosson Elisabet, Parkkima Tiina, Parmasto Erast, Semenova Tatyana, Schigel Ekaterina, Schigel Petr, Steffen Kari, Tuno Nobuko, Viertiö Virve, Viner Ilya, Wikholm Mari. Please let me know if your name is missing from this list.