Using social media in science

This topic increasingly fascinates me. I am happy to find myself in the workshop in Bergen on exactly the subject. We discuss, if one actually needs a homepage in the times of social media? Self-exposure and promoting own science in academia seems to become a needed skill. At the same time, in Nordic countries self-exposure, self-advertisement is something that researchers don’t naturally do – humbleness is the king.  How to make social media efficient for work, but not a time drain? Knut Melvær, my teacher today, says that you are both the audience and the communicator; i like this point. A post by Anders Waage Nielsen calls social networking “a virtual fungus”, which is the metaphor I can easily buy, well said! Which makes me wonder if methods in studying social interactions have any similarities to species interaction studies. Tomorrow, the ForBio Annual Meeting starts, happy to meet old and new friends. I will be presenting as a scientific instrument for sharing and using data. I will also mention some cool new features of the GBIF portal.